Saturday, July 26, 2008

Viva the Starbucks Vivanno?

I received a coupon for a free Vivanno from Starbucks. Since I hardly never venture in there, it took me a while to figure out there was one less than a mile from my house. Vivanno is the new protein smoothie drink at Starbucks. It comes in two flavors, Banana Chocolate and Orange Mango Banana. I tried the Chocolate one. At $3.75 I think the drink is pricey, but not out of line with smoothie prices at other stores. What’s with the straw? Not only does the green not match very well, it is twice the size of the drink itself.

My Vivanno tasted medicinal, with a strong chalky taste and unpleasant milk undertones. After finishing my drink I asked the barista behind the counter if he had tasted either one of the drinks and he said no, but another employee popped up and said that he thought the Orange Mango Banana one covered up the protein powder taste better. I defiantly would not recommend the Banana Chocolate Vivanno. In fact, unfortunately for Starbucks, I do not plan on visiting one again in the near future. To bad, they got me into the store and if the drink had been good, they may have gotten me back again.

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