Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Sunday, a Trip to Eat in Beijing Without Leaving Houston

Last Sunday about a dozen of us Chow Hounds met at:

Peking Cuisine Restaurant

8332 Southwest Freeway (intersection of South Gessner)
Houston, TX 77074
(713) 988-5838

to celebrate the final day of the 2008 Olympics.

neverfull’s Mom had preordered three Peking Ducks, we also chose dishes off the Chinese menu, which consisted of dinner for six. on top of the three ducks. In the end, we had very little left over except for the soup.

The restaurant set us up in a private room with a big table and a lazy susan in the middle where the food was placed.

The duck with outstanding. Peking Duck is one of my favorite dishes and I rarely get to eat it because it is best with a large group and very few of my friends eat duck.

The meat was succulent and the skin crispy, it was accompanied by flat pancakes (in the tortilla container), sheered scallions and hosin sauce.

How do you prepare it to eat? One takes a pan cake, spreads some sweet hosin sauce on it, adds the scallions and the duck meat with the skin, rolls it up, and takes a bite. If it is prepared well, as this was, the sensation is crunchy, soft, and smooth all in one bite.

I enjoyed all the other dishes, although some were better than others. I will attempt to list them but I suspect that neverfull will be able to give a more detailed description and names.

The meal ended with the traditional duck soup, made from the carcasses of the ducks we just ate, ours had some tofu and bones floating in it. I forgot to take a picture!

On the left was a cold sliced vegetables dish, that is both sweet and sour. I know most of us did not really care for the middle dish which I believe was a fish dish and I completely forgot what the dish on the right was. I need to start writing down what I am eating and my impressions, as my memory is not as good as I would like it to be.

From top left to bottom right, gluttonous noodles, which I loved the texture of and the taste. The next two were to uninteresting for my palate, tofu with thousand year old eggs and a sliced fatty pork dish. I have had the pork at Sichuan Cuisine there it has a real punch with a spicy sauce.

The stir fired green beans came with a pleasant sauce and fit in well with the rest of the dishes.

Number 28, the Chinese eggplant (I know what this because I choose it off the Chinese menu, randomly.) It was juicy and not to greasy, as eggplant can be sometimes at a Chinese restaurant.

Front and center is a shrimp dish that we all enjoyed.

I really liked this crispy fish dish the fish was lightly battered and then mixed with scallions and a spicy sauce (see all the Sichuan peppers?)

In the bowl is Ma Po Tofu, a Sichuan dish, which was alright, but I like the dish better at Sichuan Cusine.

The dumplings, had a nice texture that complemented the other foods.

I highly recommend a trip to Perking Cuisine, for a delicious and inexpensive meal, everything you saw cost us $13.00 a piece. Just do not forget to order your duck a few days in advance. The English menu is quite extensive and I am sure you will have no trouble finding other things to eat besides duck.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Food Princess! I was at that dinner, and I can fill in some of the holes on your trio. The dish on the left was jellyfish salad, the middle was fish with a honey sauce, and the dish on the right was spicy beef tendon. Can't wait to see you again!