Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gustav – An Opportunity for a Barbecue with Your Neighbors?

Watching television it sounds like Gustav may be coming towards Texas and that means towards Houston. The reports talk about how much damage it may invoke, from raising gas prices to the total evacuation of Houston.

While I certainly think it is important to keep the public aware of what is happening and the fact that danger is a possibility – the frenzy that the reports are creating is a more interesting story to me.

One of the women I work with was near hysteria talking about what we are going to do when the storm hits. I told her that they do not know yet if the storm is going to hit and the last I saw of it, it was over Haiti. She seemed slightly relieved. Perhaps I am to cavalier, having been out of town when Allison hit Houston and not suffering much damage from Rita, in thinking that the panic is premature. I guess we will just see.

Meanwhile I suggest that you just stock up on food that can be eaten without cooking and does not need refrigeration, get water, batteries for your flashlights, and have some cash on hand.

Me – I am planning a big barbecue if the storm hits, it will be time to cook all the meat in the freezer and use up whatever is in the refrigerator if we lose power. So think about whether you want to join in.

Coming soon: review of Peking Duck and other food at Peking Cuisine last Sunday. Located at:

8332 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77074
Phone: (713) 988-5838

We had a feast worthy of the celebration of the last day of the Olympics.


anankae said...

Not to pick nits, but Katrina hit New Orleans, not Houston. Rita barely brushed by us to the east - landfall was near Sabine Pass. Tropical Storm Allison did over 5.5 BILLION dollars worth of damage to Houston and surrounding areas.

However, your friend is being premature about Gustav. The 5 day track has it headed towards New Orleans. That said, hurricanes are notoriously unpredicable and at this yet early point, still could hit pretty much anywhere on the Gulf Coast.

Food Princess said...

Never write a blog when you are exhausted. I have fixed the names of the storms in my post. Thanks.