Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chores, Ticket, Walking, and Rest

I promised myself I would visit a bunch of galleries and then catch up on all my blogging and personal chores.  I started the morning doing the laundry – was getting desperate, hand wash is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Trip to the International Train Station

I finally got out to the train station and bough a ticket on the overnight train to Krakow for Sunday evening, I took the top berth in a triple sleeper car.  Sunday evening I am off to a new city with new adventures and new currency, how exciting  I love trains and being able to spend the night sleeping on one is such a treat, as well as saving money on a night in a hostel.

Speaking of nights in hostels, these prices are higher than I expected, I have almost given up on the idea of a private bathroom.

Lunch Time

From the train station off I went to find the Prague House of Photography which has moved there location. As I started towards what I thought was their new one, I spied a place to eat lunch.It appealed to me because:

  • It was crowded with Czech speaking people,
  • Had a reasonable set menu, and
  • Did not take credit cards (a sure sign they weren’t courting the tourist trade.) 

For lunch I ate:

Grilovana veprova krkovicka- grilled pork neck, cabbage & carrot salad & fries with Krusovice, dark beer. It was all delicious and it had vegetables, cabbage and carrots in a vinaigrette dressing besides  the usual potatoes on the plate.

A Little Bit of Wandering

I then visited a couple of galleries I literally ran into looking for the new location of the  House of Photography.  I especially liked this work from Karl Karner, a Viennese artist. Click on his name to see some more of his work and the descriptions.

Then I got tired and cold, so I decided to come back to the hostel and read.  Something I promised I would make time to do on vacation and I had not gotten started yet.

Back at the Hostel

When I arrived at the hostel the housekeeper had a package for me, my insulated lunch pail and some other items. I hugged her and only took the cooler thanking her for her other gifts but they were not necessary. Now that is a great ending to the story of the missing (not stolen) lunch pail. Whenever I use it, I will always remember the lesson that I learned when I discovered it was gone.

Hopefully tomorrow I will catch up on writing about my visit to the Jewish section of town. It was a very moving experience. Not just because of the annihilation of almost the entire Jewish population, but of the great scholars that lived here and have contributed to the Jewish culture and the rest of the world in the arts and sciences.

Looks like a fuse is blown and I am on battery power.  It is time to stop writing and go to sleep. Hopefully the weather will be warmer then they are predicting. These temperatures in the 60’s feel cold to a someone from Houston  this time of year.

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