Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving Past the Beginning of My Travels: The Dreams

The last few nights I have been having the dreams.  The dreams that help free me of the anxieties and worries I carry around with me on a daily basis. They only occur if I am traveling for an extended period of time because it usually takes a few days for them to begin and about a week for them to end. I have to have a space, more holiday time, where I can move on to for the next phase.

The dreams are full of emotion, they are erotic, frightening, exciting, sad, violent, and so on. I think of them as if my brain was split open and every raw and primal thought and feeling were slithering out like snakes. When the dreams are over, a renewed sense of confidence settles in and I start to really live in the here and now.

Already I am beginning to measure my days not in the amount of things that get done, but in the quality of what I am accomplishing. The soreness in my shoulders is dissipating. My tasks appear simpler now and I can truly begin to see more because it is less about feeding my demons.

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