Friday, June 5, 2009



Clear 43°F Current: Clear Humidity: 83%

Rain 57° | 50°

Chance of Rain 66° | 50°

DSCF4572The weather has ranged from warmish to down right cold (maybe that is why I was dreaming about snow last night?) As you can see, I believe I am at the tail end of the cold Spring weather.  All I can say is that I keep moving and that helps me stay warm. Of course the Spring sun also helps, when it is not covered by grayish threatening looking clouds.

Thank goodness, as yesterday I wore a cashmere scarf, my hoodie, and windbreaker to stay warm. As you may be able to see  in the picture, I was looking stuffed into my clothes, but warm.

Looking ahead to Krakow, the weather picture looks highly likely I will be retiring the cashmere scarf and long sleeve t-shirts and only be dealing with some light drizzles:


Chance of Rain 75° | 50°

Chance of Rain 80° | 55°.

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