Saturday, April 11, 2009

Houston is Rocking When It Comes To Food

Nothing makes me prouder of the Houston Food scene than to see local chefs whom I admire get recognition. In a world where empty calories meant no fat, and an unlimited supply of cash, I would be dinning out much more often. But I am not. I still have developed a fondness for several of the restaurants and more importantly the innovative and daring chefs in town.

Recent notable news:

  • Chef Randy Rucker gets his due in a wonderful article by Alison Cook in the Chronicle about his cooking at Rainbow Lodge. She rated the restaurant four stars, I rate Randy’s cooking inspired. He is creating wonderful food at a restaurant with beautiful surroundings. If you go during the day, be sure to check out Randy's vegetable garden.
  • Chef Bryan Caswell is named one of the top 10 best chefs of 2009, an award given to those chefs whom Food & Wine Magazine thinks are the most promising in the country (we knew that.) Bryan is co-owner and chef at Reef. This man really knows his stuff and is doing things to fish that makes you dream about his cooking. Don’t take my word for it, go form your own opinion. (As an aside this is where I am choosing to have one of my many birthday celebrations, but I am also planning to celebrate at Rainbow Lodge.)
    • Check-out his newest “fast-food” restaurant Little Bigs for sliders, fries, shakes, and wine. It has had some growing pains, but things are straightening out. I love the fries and the juicy beef and crispy chicken sliders. As an added bonus, you can often see someone from the Houston Foodie Community chowing down there.
  • Most recently, Frank Bruni of The New York Times wrote a glowing article about the food at Feast. Yes Mr. Bruni and all of NYC, we do eat more than steak and Tex-Mex here, next time you visit let me know, I’ll show you. Before I move on two more things of note,:
    • Feast has a very reasonable prix fixe meal $12.95 for two courses (I always have leftovers) or for $15.95 dessert is added.
    • Secondly RUMOR has it that Food & Wine Magazine is about to name Feast one of the top 50 restaurants in the country. Bring it on….
  • Alas I did not get a chance to try his molecular food at Max’s Wine Dive but I heard from our very own Cleverly that Chef Michael dei Maggi is moving on to somewhere else in Houston, but where? Meanwhile, do check out Houston Foodie’s excellent write-up of the molecular meal he had there, as we are sure to see Michael back on the local food scene again shortly.