Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fasten Your Seatbelt, I Am Off on Another Overseas Adventure and You Are Invited – This Time: Eastern Europe

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When I was in Florence in May, I kept thinking I need to keep going east and see the Europe where my ancestors lived.

Two of my grandmothers were second generation Americans, but their families came from Eastern Europe and my grandfathers came from Poland/Russia and Romania.

After a not too lengthy thought process, I decided it was time to go this June, just prior to the summer tourist season. Other reasons:

  • The dollar was fairly strong,
  • I could book the flight portion with frequent flyer miles,
  • The weather should be decent, and
  • I can end my trip at the beach.

Who can argue with that logic?

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I leave Saturday afternoon, yes, next week at this time, I will be exploring the Czech Republic. I also plan to visit Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

Using frequent flyer miles to fly back and forth would help keep the costs down. At the time I made my flight reservations I was unable to book what Continental Airlines calls the SaverPass for 25,000 in economy for the outbound flight, but could book BusinessFirst for 50,000 (same mileage that Easypass in coach would have been.) Therefore, I am flying Business/First out on Continental to Paris and Air France, First Class to Prague and then on the way back, I will be flying coach from Bucharest to Paris and then to Houston both on Air France.



Where to stay? After some internet research I choose Hostel U Melounu, it looks pretty nice in the pictures. I am paying 850 CZK for an apartment, two single rooms sharing a bathroom. Breakfast, wifi, common kitchen, and a courtyard to use, are all included in price.


I am almost packed. FYI my list which my be cut down before I leave but not added to:

  • 2 pairs of pants green and beige ( one long that can be rolled up, the other capri)
  • 1 skirt
  • 2 short sleeve button down tops, white & blue
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 2 long sleeve tops, green and black
  • 1 blue spaghetti strap sport top ( to be layered)
  • 4 pairs panties
  • 3 bras
  • 2 pairs socks
  • 3 pairs of shoes: day hikers, Chaco sandals, flip flops for shower &walking indoors
  • 1 2 piece bathing suit
  • 1 sarong - use as robe,towel, & blanket
  • 1 super absorbent towel
  • water goggles
  • suntan lotion
  • bug repellent
  • mini first aid kit
  • wind breaker with hood
  • 1 red zip up hoodie
  • 1 umbrella
  • toiletries & some make-up
  • 1 pair of sunshades to put over my glasses
  • 1 “Minnie” HP Mini laptop, 2.5 pounds
  • Accessories for “Minnie”, device to load pictures, mouse, cable for Blackberry data transfer, headphones
  • 1 laundry kit; stopper, detergent, clothes line
  • Electrical adapters for Europe
  • Guidebook and 4 reading books to e left there when finished
  • 2 cameras, digital Fuji SLR and small Cannon digital,
  • Battery recharger
  • Flight, pension, & money exchange rate info.
  • photocopies of my passport, atm cards, and CCs
  • Blackberry
  • Little notebook
  • Post-it tabs
  • Travel pillow
  • Credit and Charge cards
  • Pens
  • Money belt
  • Passport

All this gets packed in either the backpack or daypack.

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