Monday, March 16, 2009

Florence in the Morning

When my alarm went off at 7  this morning, I saw that it was only 1 a.m. in Houston.  While I had slept fairly well, a few glasses of Chanti before bed helped, I was still a bit tired. At 7:30ish, I heard loud noises on the stairs up to the breakfast room and my bladder started asking for relief, I threw on some clothes and headed begrudgingly out the door of my room.

Upstairs in the breakfast room, I found that the herd of elephants was a loud family of…who else but,  Americans. I smiled at them and went to say Buongiorno, but they were engrossed in their own morning dramas.

Buffet style breakfast is served in a narrow roof top room that overlooks some of neighboring buildings. Today is clear and the view, well not spectacular, is certainly one of an authentic Italian city.

Still a bit groggy from the time change, I proceeded to get a cappuccino (of which I will eventually have consumed three this morning.) I also picked up a plain yogurt, two rolls, a sweet and plain one, Nutella (in homage to my HouCHie friends who had an extensive conversation regarding the merits of Nutella just last week), and an apple.  As  people walked in, each one greeted me with a smile and Buongiorno.

On my way to get my second cappuccino, I passed a couple of men and overheard one said to the other in Italian, what a beautiful woman I am, I immediately noticed that my back got straighter and a wider smile appeared on my lips. It didn’t feel lascivious at all, but rather a matter of fact. Hear that American men, it is really that simple to make us feel good?

As I leisurely ate my breakfast with enthusiasm (“I am here, I am here”), I surveyed the view out the window. When I looked out at some trees, they appeared to be bent like women posing in a sexy ways for photographs. I promised pictures of breakfast, the rooftops, and the trees before I leave. This morning it took all my energy to get out of bed, up the stairs, and start getting some fuel in my body.

Enough of this – it is time to get these files uploaded and plan out my day.

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