Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tenacity Supper Club: Thursday September 4, 2008

I will continue to say, as much as you are willing to listen, that if you are looking for some of the best and most innovative food that Houston has to offer, look no further than Chef Randy Rucker's Tenacity Supper Club. Certainly, I am not the first to say this and I am sure I will not be the last.

On Thursday, September 4, I once again attended a delicious Tenacity dinner. But the experience is more than well preparded food, it is the presentation, Randy's description, and the venue, which this time was Modern B&B.

As I began each course, the flavors of the foods burst with freshness and combine to make a symphony in my mouth. I am grateful that the dinners are not rushed, so I have time to recover from the assault of the wonderful sensations that wash over me as I eat each course.

If you have not tried one of the Tenacity Dinners, there are several coming up soon.


Menu and Pictures

location – modern b&b

japanese hamachi, daikon radish, watercress consommé & ruby red grapefruit

live scallop, badia a coltibuono olive oil, preserved papaya puree & candied kombu

composition of tomatoes, fromage blanc & shaved bonito

local corn soup, miso, gulf shrimp & malabar spinach

confit of louisiana frog’s legs, fennel, smoked potato gnocchi & foamy parmesan water

crispy pork rillette, celery branch, almond cream, green apple & kecap manis

soft bittersweet chocolate, basil seeds, sweet & sour hijiki & cherimoya soup


Anonymous said...

wow. the video sums it up pretty good. good food, friends & loud good-ass music! thanks - very cool

Anonymous said...

Love the videos - I am thinking of going to the 7 Deadly Sins dinner next week...
I love your reviews - they are great!
Looking forward to meeting you in person!!!

Food Princess said...

Thank you. I am going to the 7 Deadly Sins Dinner and I think Neverfull is also. See you on Friday.